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SHOW DANCE 專業導師們以基本功為重心,提供各項舞蹈課堂。由爵士舞、中國舞、芭蕾,到當代舞及各種街舞,帶領學員探索個人天賦,發展潛能。


SHOW DANCE instructors provide various dance classes, with an emphasis on fundamental techniques. From Jazz, Chinese, Ballet, to Contemporary and various street dances, guiding student in their path of self discovery.


SHOW DANCE 重視舞蹈初學者對舞蹈世界擁有萬般好奇。因此,由SHOW DANCE 設計的入門舞蹈課堂 簡淺易明,帶領一眾舞蹈初學者體驗舞蹈的樂趣。


SHOW DANCE appreciates beginners’ curiosity towards the world of dance. The school designs elementary classes, leading beginners to experience the joy in dance.

Instruction for students:
1. Class coupons are not transferrable. Please be aware of the expiry date. The expired class coupons are non-refundable.
2. Late-comers and absentees are responsible for their own attendance.
3. Except for the occasions of class cancellation, the class fee is non-refundable.
4. The school holds the right for substituting instructors for classes.
5. Please do not bring food or drinks into the classroom.
6. Please take care of your personal belongings. The school does not bear any legal responsibility for any lost of property in the premise of SHOW DANCE.
7. All users, including students and instructors, are responsible for their physical and mental condition. The school does not bear any legal responsibility for any injuries occurred in the premise of SHOW DANCE.