Siu Wan (Noel Cheung), born Cheung Hiu Wan, is a jazz and contemporary choreographer and director of SHOW DANCE.
Her dance training background encompasses Jazz, Ballet, Chinese, Latin, etc. She has started her dance career 
since a young age. She has been collaborating with pop artists, choreographing and dancing for their MVs and concerts, including Jian Hui, Sun Yanzi, Aaron Kwok, Karen Mok, Twins, Raymond Lam Fung, Gigi Leung, Joey Yung, The Grasshopper, Leo Ku Kui Kei, Hins Cheung, Sammi Cheung and more. She also takes inspiration from her regular travels to Los Angeles, Japan and Europe.
Throughout the years, she has built her reputation as an innovative and independent dance artist, who creates emotional and touching stage works. She has been a judge for various dance competitions, including the Inter-varsity Dance Competition.

She is an enthusiastic dance educator. Other than providing trainings and stage choreographies for local universities' dance societies and dance schools, she established the technical dance school, SHOW DANCE, in 2017, aiming at nurturing a new generation of dance talents and promoting the art of dance.

To know more about her, please visit her personal website: